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​Phototypesetting is a method of setting type, rendered obsolete with the popularity of the personal computer and desktop publishing software, that uses a photographic process to generate columns of type on a scroll of photographic paper.  There was no mouse and older machines didn't even have a memory.  If you mistakenly set the code for bold and the type came out bold, you retyped it.

The film was then "pasted" onto card stock using wax, light table, and a t-square. Since e-mail wasn't around yet, the work had to be hand delivered. The photo-typesetting equipment cost almost $30,000 and film was a $1/foot. 

In 1983, Smart began her career in graphics while attending Cayuga Community College. She was a phototypesetter for The Collegian newspaper. ​​After holding positions as a typesetter, she launched a photo-typesetting and graphics business in 1988 (Smart Type & Graphics).
In 1993, Smart sold the business.

Shortly after selling the business, she purchased a desktop system and began teaching herself desktop publishing using Pagemaker and QuarkXpress. 

​Smart became interested in website design in 1995 using HTML and Microsoft FrontPage to design and maintain websites. 

In 2013, she launched a website business utilizing her experience in graphic design and website building.   Since then, she has built affordable websites for small small businesses and organizations in the Central New York area. PORTFOLIO.

Robin Smart also created a raised-ink coloring book. Learn more about this fun
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Robin Smart Website Design
Robin Smart Bumpy Coloring Book